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Examples of Service

SmallTech's consultants have helped client companies solve a variety of difficult problems. Here are a few selected examples:

BioMEMS Strategy

SmallTech Consulting helped a large medical company investigate what advantage MEMS technology could bring to several market areas of interest to the company. The project included evaluation of relative merits of technological alternatives, as well as recommendations for potential partnerships in these areas.

Due Diligence

SmallTech Consulting did a due diligence evaluation for a venture capitalist to help determine what investment level was appropriate for a new round of funding for an RF MEMS startup company.

Technology Evaluation, Strategy and Invention

SmallTech personnel helped a division of a major medical company make the case to the parent company to start an internal MEMS effort. This included making presentations on MEMS, filing intellectual property on the company’s behalf, and providing the design and fabrication path for development of an initial prototype for an implantable medical device. The company's MEMS effort was successfully started and staffed.

Design and Fabrication

SmallTech personnel rendered services from aid in device design through developing and implementing fabrication process flow, establishing design rules, doing the mask layout, finding and acting as liaison to the foundry to prototype a new sensor for a medical application. The device was fabricated successfully in the first prototype run.

Technology and Market Evaluation

For an angel investor, SmallTech personnel evaluated whether a new accelerometer technology developed in a university should be funded. SmallTech personnel identified the appropriate market niche for product launch. The investor funded a new company to commercialize the technology.

Problem Solving

SmallTech personnel solved a persistent fluidics problem that threatened the introduction of a high-value product line by designing an easy-to-implement workaround solution. The product successfully launched, and a number of patents have been issued on the work.

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