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Product Development Services

SmallTech Consulting's expert team provides a specialized high-quality resource to accelerate all phases of product development from conception to commercial production, getting your products to market faster. We can also strengthen your company's IP position through focused invention.

Amish Desai, Ph.D./ Sr. MEMS Product Manager, Tanner Research, Inc.: MEMS and Microfluidics Prototyping

"Leslie and I have worked together on several projects over the past 10 years. Her visionary thinking, her understanding of fundamental fluid mechanics, physics, electronics, and microfabrication chemistry, MEMS design, layout and process are, and have been, a tremendous asset and a key driver for successful technology development. She is a very passionate, tireless multitasker, and excels at thinking out-of-the-box to solve challenging MEMS problems. A pleasure to work with!"

John Krumme / CEO , Sapphire Medical LLC. /Partner , The Beta Group: MEMS Survey, Invention, Prototyping

"In the early stages of developing a micro-miniature drug delivery system I hired Leslie Field to research the MEMS literature for prior art and interesting ideas.  This task was done promptly and thoroughly demonstrating  technical depth and breadth,  but more importantly it was done with a creative flare and perspective for the overall project goals.  As the project progressed, Leslie moved on to the task of inventing micro-valve devices to be used in conjunction with drug delivery systems. Her production here was also top notch, resulting in patent applications on several inventions. Follow-up included vendor search and management for prototype building. Her contacts in industry and academic contacts in specialty fields  also proved valuable.

She is a delight to work with because of her enthusiasm and quick uptake of concepts and technology.  A thorough knowledge of IP protocol  and  ability to communicate with both technical and management  types makes it a pleasure to do business with her.

I feel very confident in using her on a broad range of tasks as noted and highly recommend her.”

Our Proven Product Development Services

Help with all stages of commercialization of new products, from concept development to prototype device fabrication, and from first prototypes to commercial production.

  • Design, invent, develop process flow, layout photomasks, provide foundry liaison services for new projects from the ground up
  • Survey existing technologies for purchase and adaptation into new products to speed market entry
  • Perform technical due diligence and competitive analysis of technologies and IP
  • Invent, develop and license technologies
  • Simulate, design, and implement systems
  • Perform simulations and finite element analyses
  • Perform materials characterization for yield improvement and new product development

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