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IOT and Electronics

IOT (The Internet of Things) is the technological movement to connect ourselves to our surroundings. The miniaturization of the computation and networking components for IOT is progressing rapidly. The essential missing technology in many IOT concepts is the sensor or actuator that interacts with the environment. SmallTech has expertise backed by years of experience and access to novel fabrication processes. We can conceive and create the novel, compact, low-energy sensors and actuators that will bring your IOT concept to life. Modern products demand, and are enabled by, intelligent features implemented in digital and analog electronics. Rapid miniaturization of powerful computational elements means they can be nestled inside small product form factors. Adding localized computation and analog processing enables a whole new path for innovation. SmallTech’s team includes both digital and analog design experts with experience in novel system architectures, custom and semi-custom IC design, and algorithm development.

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