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SmallTech Consulting continues to grow its business and to add even more depth and diversity to its full-service capabilities with strategic new addtions to the team, and with the team's continuing professional development.

May 2017

Drs. Phil Barth and Leslie Field attended the MEMS & Sensors Technical Congress (MSTC) meeting at Stanford University.

Leslie Field attended the Microelectronics Packaging and Test Engineering Council (MEPTEC) MEMS Symposium in San Jose, California

Winston Wang transitioned to SmallTech Consulting’s Extended Team.

March 2017

Leslie Field, Dr. Mateusz Bryning, and Phil Barth lectured at the IEEE MEMS silicon Valley meeting on SmallTech’s business model, on “deep science” startups such as Zikon, Inc., and on high-temperature thermal conductivity detectors for gas chromatography.

November 2016

Phil Barth attended the MEMS and Sensor Industry Group Executive Congress (MSIG) meeting in Phoenix, Arizona.

September 2015

Dr. Phil Barth transitioned to SmallTech Consulting’s core team.

January 2015

Dr. Phil Barth joined SmallTech Consulting’s Extended Team as he transitioned out of Agilent Technologies Research Laboratories. Dr. Barth is a pioneer in MEMS, with work extending back to the late 1970’s at Stanford University and a co-author on a 1983 Scientific American article “Silicon Micromechanical Devices.” He brings to SmallTech a wealth of experience in MEMS startups, research in large industrial research labs, analytical chemistry, inkjets, and optical switching.

SmallTech Consulting continues to grow its business and to add even more depth and diversity to its full-service capabilities with strategic new addtions to the team, and with the team's continuing professional development.

January and February 2014

Leslie Field moderated a panel on MEMS, Sensors and Implantables at MD&M in Anaheim. Leslie also represented SmallTech Consulting at the IEEE MEMS Conference in San Francicso and is on the ExCom of the new Bay Area IEEE MEMS Chapter.

December 2013

Remy Cromer joined SmallTech Consulting's Extended Team. Dr. Cromer is an experienced R&D Director in diverse technologies and project management. Demonstrated competence in the development and integration of technology platforms, biomarker identification and assay methodologies to advance target identification, drug discovery, pre-clinical and clinical drug development

March 2013

Wesley Chang joined SmallTech Consulting's Extended Team. Dr. Chang has a multidisciplinary background in microtechnology, biomedical engineering, and entrepreneurship. He has worked over 15 years on new microsystems development, including design, modeling, analysis, layout, and hands-on process development and execution. Dr. Chang earned his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from UC Berkeley/BSAC. He has completed projects in MEMS microfabrication and microfluidics, as well as a variety of biomedical microdevices using cell culture, biology wet lab techniques, and surface chemistry.

September 2012

Kirt Williams joined SmallTech Consulting's Extended Team. Dr. Williams is a MEMS expert, with a combination of broad engineering experience (MEMS, microfabrication, materials, electronics, packaging, heat flow, system engineering), a history of innovation, and program management (technical management, scheduling, costing, proposal writing) with excellent customer relations and communication skills.

Leslie Field moderated the industrial panel on MEMS Commercialization (Lessons Learned) at the September 19 MEMS Industry Group (MIG) Workshop, as part of the Berkeley Sensor & Actuator Center's (BSAC) semiannual review.

May 2012

Leslie Field attended and served as a Coach for Summit Public Schools' Innovation Summit, led by Google's Global Director of Creativity and Innovation Dr. Frederik Pferdt.

Susan Strehlow joined SmallTech Consulting's Management Advisory Board. Ms. Strehlow is a strategic senior level manager with demonstrated skills in communication, process improvement, analysis, problem solving, innovation, organizational development, team building, and leadership.

Karen Weil (ex Markus) transitioned to SmallTech Consulting's Extended Team. Ms. Weil has a background in business and technology management as well as technical expertise in MEMS technologies. She hase extensive background focused on consulting for corporate technology strategies, mergers and acquisitions, and disruptive technologies.

March 2012

Leslie Field attended the NSF Workshop on Micro, Nano and Bio Systems in Arlington, Virginia. This invitation-only workshop honors the career of Dr. Rajinder Khosla.

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