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Our team can help speed your project development along the path all the way from new idea to fully developed product. Our interdisciplinary team includes Ph.D.-level expertise in several micro- and nano-related technical disciplines, as well as in intellectual property, due diligence, strategy and management. We have decades of experience in industry and academia, startups, research labs and multinational corporations. We serve on technical professional committees, we teach, and we have many patents and publications to our credit. We prioritize great teamwork, rigorous confidentiality, clear thinking and clear communication to deliver outstanding results to our clients. With a dash of humor, empathy, and our rock-solid integrity.

Our fields of expertise: SmallTech Consulting provides expert consulting services in the fields of MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS), Microfluidics, Nanotechnology, Optics and Photonics, BioAssay, Renewables, Materials, Physics, Chemistry and Materials Characterization. SmallTech's technical depth in micro-scale and nano-scale technologies combined with an extensive invention record and solid business experience, including business development and project management, provides a high-quality means to leverage resources. 

Our clients range from new startups to multinational corporations, and include R&D specialists, manufacturers, investors, industry groups and companies concerned with intellectual property strategy and evaluation.

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Below are some examples of some of our specific consulting services, and what our clients have to say about our work.

Early-stage ideas and product development: We specialize in helping companies and individuals with early-stage ideas to develop and prototype them into valuable products. Our unique business model allows us to quickly form an effective team from our roster of 18 veteran consultants in order to provide your project with exactly the targeted expertise to accelerate your success. For example, we can strengthen your patent portfolio through evaluating the competition's IP, doing targeted brainstorming and invention, and helping you with IP filings. We can design and prototype devices and systems to demonstrate and refine product concepts. And we can help prepare you for due diligence and meetings with investors. We can often accelerate your project through some of the initial proof of concept phases for as little as $5K - $45K to get you solidly started on a sound development path. And we can stay with you to help your product all the way through commercialization.

From a Manager in a Fortune 500 Medical Company: MEMS Landscape, Invention, Design, Prototyping

"Dr. Leslie Field and her team at SmallTech were involved in our MEMS product development project from ideation through prototyping and were fundamental in each phase. ... Dr. Field's work during the concept and initial design phases of our project was particularly strong as she is impressively creative and, combined with her extensive experience and background in the field, she delivered a multitude of design options to meet our product specifications. She has a great working relationship with several foundries and worked directly with them to deliver timely prototypes. ..." (Complete quote on Endorsements page)

Yield improvement: SmallTech's team is also well-acquainted with the nitty-gritty details of getting MEMS-related wafer processing to work. We can help you prevent problems before they happen with our expertise in process integration and fabrication. And we can help solve existing yield problems by giving a fresh eye to the situation, backed up by decades of experience in the field - sometimes with a practical solution to a specific malfunction, sometimes with a different process strategy that avoids the problem and increases the process yield.

From a Large Aerospace Manufacturer: Yield Improvement in MEMS Production

"SmallTech Consulting was a great temporary addition to our internal yield improvement team.  They quickly came up to speed on the issue at hand and provided multiple solutions, including several that were quite unique and innovative.  Additionally, they were proactive and great to work with! We will certainly use them to supplement our efforts in the future."

Due diligence: On the business side, SmallTech's team includes expertise from countless due diligences and company evaluations. We can dig into evaluations of a company's IP, management and technical experience, technology and development path, including evaluation of potential roadblocks along the way.

Anthony Natale, M.D./ Prism VentureWorks: Technical Due Diligence

"Smalltech Consulting performed  technical diligence for us on a biomedical MEMS opportunity. Leslie and the  team were fantastic to work with. They truly are domain experts and brought valuable insight and a wealth of relevant experience. They understood our  needs as investors and gave us exactly what we needed, while sticking to a  tight timeline. ..." (Complete quote on Endorsements page)

IP and Business Strategies: Our team can help develop strategies in a broad range of disciplines.

From a Startup CEO in Optics and Displays: Assessment and Development of IP & Business Strategies

"My company has worked with SmallTech on projects across several disciplines including MEMS, displays, optics and IP. We have found SmallTech to be a trusted advisor to and integral extension of our compay. SmallTech's core team represents a unique cross-section across many functional areas and sectors of high-tech and is truly outstanding. I highly recommend SmallTech's team for any company seeking consulting services and technical expertise in the micro and nano-scale technology spaces, and beyond."

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